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McCaskill said his transition from college to pro football reminds him of the move from Sheldon to Boise State, which did not offer him a scholarship until the final weekend before signing day. Youth Football Jerseys.The Vikings first contacted McCaskill a few days before the draft to say he was on their board.“I got a chance to check out some film on them and looked into them more than any other team, and then they were the ones to call me,” he said.McCaskill arrived at Boise State at 215 pounds and sat out a redshirt season. Cheap Sports Jerseys.He earned a starting spot as a sophomore and emerged as a pro prospect during his senior season, when his 50 tackles matched the total from his first three years with the Broncos.

Linda Odenigbo sat in the stands gazing out over all of it — the gold helmets, the fanfare on the field, the decades-old traditions upheld with such fervor — and the realization zapped her brain: This thing her son had taken to, and where it could go, was so much bigger than she thought.”It was electric,” she said.Cheap Football Jerseys. “It was like an out-of-body experience.”Not that she had any frame of reference for what she encountered that Saturday in 2011 at Notre Dame while on a recruiting visit with her son, Ifeadi. Sports in her native Nigeria were mostly seen as a distraction from the loftier pursuits of academics. There were no organized college sports, and aside from the select few who made the Olympic team in soccer or track, there was no viable path toward an athletic career. After Linda and her husband, Thomas, came to the United States in the early 1990s, they signed their three boys up for sports year-round as a way to keep them occupied, mostly.cheap jerseys. Football wasn’t on their radar, and when their oldest son Somto asked to play in high school, they resisted.

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“It’s the kind of thing you couldn’t anticipate and you couldn’t even hope for,’’ Page said in a phone interview Monday. “It’s overwhelming. There are (310) members of the hall of fame, and that number will continue to grow. I dare say there are a very limited number of professional football players with schools named after them.custom jerseys.”Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page is a happy man in the locker room in Minneapolis after Minnesota beat the Detroit Lions to win the National Football Conference Central Division title, Dec. 11, 1971. Cheap China Jerseys.Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page is a happy man in the locker room in Minneapolis after Minnesota beat the Detroit Lions to win the NFC Central Division title, Dec. 11, 1971.

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